Dr. Francis Zold aka Dr. Ferenc Sioagardi Zold

On Sept. 8, 2004 we received the unfortunate news from Dr. Zold's son, Dr. Anthony Zold, that his father had passed peacefully away from cancer on Sept. 6th.  Our sincere condolences to the Zold family, Dr. Zold will be missed by all. We thank you Dr. Zold for having contributed so much to the community around you.


Birthdate: Oct. 28, 1904, in Szekesfehervar, Hungary

Death: Sept. 6, 2004, Cancer of the esophagus.   Obituary from the Bellingham Herald

Parents: Jolan and Marton Zold, Father was a decorated General in the Austro-Hungarian Army during WW1, Mother was a language teacher.

1924 - Participates in his first Olympics, representing Hungary.

1939 - Resigns as Secretary of the Hungarian Fencing Federation in protest of the German National Socialist influence over Hungary.

1948 - Olympics, Capt. of the Hungarian Olympic Fencing Team at the London Games. Walks behind his country's flag at opening ceremonies of the Olympic Games. Men's saber team takes the Gold medal.

1956 - Defects to Austria, then to the United States of America in 1957 with wife Anna and son Anthony.

1957 - Immigrates to the U.S.A. "I could not continue with my primary vocation as a Publishing Attorney. I had always loved teaching, being with students and fencing so I began coaching in Southern California, and did so for forty years." (2004 letter from Dr. Zold to Claire Randall).

1959 - Fencing Coach, Pomona College, California.

1960 - Commentator for the Winter Olympic Games in Squaw Valley

1962 - Article "The Part of the Coach in Competitions" is published in the British Journal of Fencing, Vol.XV No. 3. Article is reproduced on the USC site. Click here to read the article. Adds the prestigious University of Southern California (USC) to his fencing schedule and starts to coach the USC team in addition to Pomona College.

1966 - Son, Anthony, graduates from Pomona College

1987 - January, authors a 219 page, illustrated book in Hungarian, which is published in January, Konyvkiadok es Konyvterjesztok Magyarorszagon

1988 - January, 264 page book "What They Saw in Hungary: British and American Travellers About Our Country Relations in Periodicals and Documents", is published. Co-authored with Gabor Kelecsenyi.

1995 - Award honorary Doctorate by his alma mater Eštvšs Lor‡ndt University in Budapest, Hungary

1996 - Writes foreword in 422 page book, Atlas Hungarius, written by Lajos Szantai,

1997 - Dr. Zold retires from Pomona College and moves to Bellingham, Washington State with his wife Anna to be near their son, Anthony.

1998 - Dr. Zold is awarded the Distinguished Service Award by Pomona College.

2004 - Aug., receives a letter from the 2004 U.S. Olympic Fencing Team honoring his contributions to fencing, read article from the King5 news.

Past Students of Dr. Zold:

Hartford, John
Krause, S.
Little, Benerson
Rose, Sherry

Links to sites with information about Dr. Zold

University of So. California: Brief, interesting bio of Dr. Zold and 5 photos

Pomona College: 9/15/97 - Announcement of the  retirement of Dr. Zold after serving 39 years as head fencing master.

If you were a student of Dr. Zold's and your name is not listed here, please email us with your information, what years you fenced with him, where, and any other information or personal anecdotes you would like included. Email: fencing_masters@yahoo.com


1967, Dr. Zold with USC team, 3rd place winners in the West Coast Championships     10 years later, 1977 USC Fencing Team


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